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Shaped Breast Implants

Planning your breast augmentation surgery is a very exciting process. Based on my own experience with my patients, I can tell you with almost complete certainty that this surgery will have a very positive and dramatic influence on your life and the lives of those closest to you.

If you are already my patient, you have already made one correct choice!

Secondly, other than size, the breast shape is a very important decision you have to make. As you may have read in other articles I have written, implant shape choices in the USA have been limited. It was only 7 years ago that we started using silicone again. Finally, we can start using shaped implants.

You may have heard of shaped breast implants by other names: anatomic, gummy bear, tapered, textured, form stable and natural. They are the same thing. Basically, shaped implants are made of silicone and have a tapered upper pole so they are not just round. They are a bit firmer than regular silicone implants so that they can hold their shape when you are standing.

In my opinion, these implants are here to stay. They are an improvement over normal silicone implants in most cases. In Europe, South America and Canada, where these implants have been used for years, there is a strong preference for these shaped implants.

“Why are they so popular?” you might ask. It is because they look so natural! The tapered upper pole of the implant looks more natural than the rounded upper pole of round implants. It just does. Many younger women still request the rounded full upper pole look which is great too. But, if you want a more natural look, it is best achieved with the shaped implants. But, of course, it is a matter of preference.

I am fortunate to have over thirty years’ of experience performing breast augmentation, and was one of the first surgeons in Northern California to introduce these shaped implants a few years ago. I also have access to three different manufacturers — all American companies. Each manufacturer’s implants have slightly different shapes and sizes so I can help you choose the implant that might be exactly right for you.

It is exciting to have these new shaped implants to offer patients. Many women still choose round, but the trend is definitely toward shaped, especially in those women who have had children and lost more of their upper pole fullness.

As always, these decisions are made after a thorough examination and accurate measurements are taken. I also allow patients to try implants on under their bras to get a good idea of the size and shape they are considering. I look forward to helping you with your implant decisions.

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