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Facial Implants Photos – Before & After

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Facial Implant procedures for patients in Santa Rosa, Sonoma and Marin areas are performed by David E. Marcus, M.D. at the cosmetic and laser surgery center conveniently located in Santa Rosa, Ca. procedures are performed in our Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center conveniently located in Santa Rosa. The before and after and afer photos are actual patients and should help you visualize anticipated results.

Facial Implant patient – Santa Rosa

This is a 54 year old Santa Rosa woman who wanted a more “permanent” solution to her hollow middle face region. There are so many options now for filling this space that one really needs to consult with their Plastic Surgeon to determine what is best for them. In this patient we placed a gortex cheek implant through the mouth for a permanent augmentation of her mid face.

Facial Implant Procedure