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Eyelid  Surgery Photos – Before & After

Brow Lift
Laser Resurfacing

Eyelid Surgery for patients in Santa Rosa, Sonoma and Marin areas are performed by David E. Marcus, M.D. at the cosmetic and laser surgery center conveniently located in Santa Rosa, Ca. procedures are performed at our Cosmetic and Laser Surgey Center located in Santa Rosa, CA. The before and afer photos are actual patients and should help you visualize anticipated results.

Eyelid Surgery patient – Santa Rosa

This 64 year old Santa Rosa woman did not like the bagginess beneath her eyes. We performed a fat sparing lower eyelid technique to rejuvenate her orbital and eyelid region.

Eyelid Procedure

Eyelid Surgery patient – Kenwood

This 48 year old Kenwood woman felt that her eyes had always been her best feature. Recently, all anyone told her was she was looking tired. In our in-office Plastic Surgery operating facility, we removed fat from her lower lid region to rediscover her gorgeous eyes again.

Eyelid Procedure

County Blepharoplasty patient – Marin

Amazing, isn’t it, how a simple upper blepharoplasty and “pinch” lower blepharoplasty can returns one’s youthful beauty?

Eyelid Procedure