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Mommy Makeover Surgery

Mommy Makeover is the term we use to describe surgery for post-pregnancy women. The classic mommy makeover involves some type of breast surgery along with abdominal surgery, usually a tummy tuck. However, the term has now become more widely used to describe any set of procedures for post-pregnancy women.

Of course we would never trade for our little Bundles of Joy, but did they have to do that to your body? Interestingly, I have seen women recover from multiple births with nary a mark. Not even a single stretch mark after a 10 pound baby. On the other hand, the bodies of very young and also older women tend to suffer more from the pregnancies. Not fair, right? The changes to your body can be significant. And, difficult to ever correct on your own. No amount of crunches will restore the elasticity to a stretched out tummy. And, no amount of chest exercises will raise your nipples back up, restore volume or tighten sagging skin. Sorry. Thus, we present the Mommy Makeover Surgery.

Actual Mommy Makeover Patient

Mommy Makeover procedures for a Santa Rosa woman.

Mommy Makeover Breast Surgery

A detailed consultation with Dr. Marcus is required to assess your unique situation and develop a plan formulated to best correct your breast issues. However, some generalizations can be made. If your nipples are at or above your natural breast fold, a lift may not be required. In these cases, a simple breast augmentation may restore volume to your deflated breasts. Once the nipple and areolar complex descend below the level of your fold, a lift is usually required to restore a natural look. Once this is determined, we then discuss whether you are happy with your current size or do you wish to be larger, or sometimes, smaller. In addition to the breast lift then, we would do a breast augmentation or a breast reduction at the same time.

Mommy Makeover Abdominal Surgery

Again, the surgical options are numerous when discussing post-pregnancy abdominal surgery. A comprehensive consultation with Dr. Marcus is very important. Most importantly, Dr. Marcus will listen to you to help determine what your hopes and expectations are. Sometimes, a little liposuction is all that is needed to satisfy a woman who just has that stubborn abdominal pooch. If the stretched out and loose skin is confined to the lower abdomen only, sometimes a mini-tummy tuck is all that is needed. This results in a much shorter scar and a quicker recovery than full abdominoplasty. However, most of you will present with loose or stretched skin that covers more than just the lower abdomen. Often you will have stretch marks which signify skin damage. In addition, those large little Angels often also stretch out your abdominal musculature. This results in the new pooch you so desperately hate and over time, can result in low back pain due to the abdominal weakness. In order to repair the abdominal muscle weakness, a tummy tuck is required. In fact, most tummy tucks involve liposuction, muscle repair and aggressive skin removal.

Often we try to combine procedures to reduce your recovery periods. The decision to combine or separate procedures is based on total operating time which is an important factor in your safety.