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Lip Augmentation

Fuller, plumper lips can be achieved by a variety of lip augmentation techniques. The simplest non-surgical technique would be to inject collagen, Restylane or Radience or fat into the lips, however, the results are not permanent. Surgical methods include inserting a small artificial implant into the lips through tiny, hidden incisions.

Actual Santa Rosa Lip Augmentation Patient

Fuller, plumper lips can be achieved by a variety of lip augmentation techniques. The simplest techniques are non-surgical. Restylane is now the filler of choice to augment or suppliment the lip line. Filler is injected along the border of the red and white skin to plump up the lip’s margin. This works well to offer a modest, but very natural improvement. Sometimes that is all you need for a dramatic improvement. It can also soften the fine lines of the upper lip region.

Surgical options can offer permanant or semi-permanant correction. Fat from your own body can be injected into the lip. Fat is somewhat unpredictable though, and some of the volume can be lost over time. There are also commercially available implants, as shown in the examples below, that are permanant. These can work extremely well, but can sometimes become firm and distort the lip when smiling. The perfect implant is yet to be developed.

My personal favorite technique unfortunately can only be performed at the time of a facelift. Excess fat and fascia which is usually discarded during a facelift, can be cut into a strip and inserted into the lip. Some of the volume is usually lost, but what is left is soft and natural and often delivers a very pleasing augmentation.

Lip Augmentation – Quick Facts

To create fuller, plumper lips. A variety of techniques and products can be utilized depending upon a person’s anatomy and aesthetic goals.

Lip augmentations usually require one hour..

Local anesthesia is required when performing lip augmentation at our Santa Rosa, CA cosmetic surgery center.

Approximately three to seven days depending on swelling.