Beauty is a lifestyle choice

March Newsletter


It is easy to find a routine and stick with it, but what if your daily habits are actually making you look older? Make sure you aren’t
making these mistakes and accidentally adding years to your look.

Keeping the Same Hairstyle for Years

Outdated hairstyles are the number one way to add years to your look. Update your look by checking out the new trends and modifying them to suit your style. Don’t be afraid to try some color. But before you reach for the peroxide, remember that as we age our skin color tends to pale. Avoid looking too sallow by trying a chestnut color, or adding low lights.

Wearing an Old Bra

It may have been with you during your best and your worst times, but it is time to part ways with your old bra. Over time the elasticity in your bra breaks down, resulting in less support. Providing your breasts with the proper support not only makes you look younger, it can also make you look 10 pounds lighter — instantly! Don’t forget to get fitted for the right size, it has been estimated that up to 80 percent of women are wearing the wrong size bra.

Over Exfoliatin

There is such a thing as too much of a good thing. As our nurse Sabrina believes, “It is important to slough off dead cells, but don’t get too carried away or you might be drying out your skin. A key to young looking skin is moisture.” Limit yourself to exfoliating once daily and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Want glowing skin now? Give yourself a boost and make an appointment with Sabrina for our Illuminating Peel- quick and simple with no downtime. And to maintain that youthful glow, we recommend the gentle moisturizer from the Delaine line, which is made from natural ingredients.

Too Much Make Up

Caking on concealer and foundation can actually increase the look of fine lines and wrinkles. As the product settles in the lines on the face, it draws more attention to what you wanted to hide. Use minimal concealer and reach for a skin brightening tinted moisturizer instead of your heavy powders and creams. Can’t seem to cover your dark spots and wrinkles with light make up? Colorscience has a great concealer pallet and light primers with sunscreen for a creamy, glowing complexion.

Dark Lipsticks

As the years go by, our lips tend to show more pucker and less pout. Wrinkled lips are a dead give away of age, so don’t draw attention to the lines with dark lipsticks. Also, as years go by our lip line begins to fade, and dark colors are more obvious when they bleed. Light colors help smooth the appearance of lines and gloss will add fullness to your kisser. For even more plumpness, a lip filler such as Restylane would also help.


Do this right now: Stand up and look straight ahead, stretch your arms above your head, roll your shoulders back as you bring your arms to your side. This is your perfect posture. Not only with this help make you look younger, it’ll also help portray confidence and is even good for your bone health!

Not Smiling Enough

As we age, we lose some of the fat cells from our face and our skin begins to sag. This effect of lowered eyebrows and deeper lines around our face makes us look more terse and upset. For an instant remedy, smile! It tightens your muscles and lifts your features, instantly taking years off of your look. Spend some time with your funniest friend or google hilarious videos. Laugh and Smile– you’ll look better and feel better too.