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July Newsletter 2014 – The Truth About Sunscreen You Need To Know

 Truth About Sunscreen You Need to Know We all know by now that using baby oil and baking in the sun is bad for our skin, but do you really know what is important in picking out your sunscreen? With more marketing gimmicks than ever, and more importance than ever- according to the Skin Cancer Foundation in NYC, UV exposure…

Valentine VIP Event featuring DeLaine Skin Care in Santa Rosa!

Delaine skin care solutions are now available at the Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center of David E. Marcus, M.D. By David E. Marcus, M.D. Dr. Marcus is a Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, specializing in Cosmetic Plastic Surgery at his Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center located in Santa Rosa, CA. Dr. Marcus was born and raised in Michigan,…