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Safelipo vs Smartlipo

 Is it Better To Be Safe or Smart?

Plastic Surgery terminology can often be quite confusing. Mini tummy tuck vs tummy tuck. Mini face lift vs. full face lift, vs Lifestyle Lift. Restylane vs Botox. I will discuss these in upcoming blogs. But for now, let’s talk about SmartLipo* vs SAFELipo®.*

SmartLipo is a laser assisted liposuction technique that has been around since 2006. It is similar to traditional liposuction with the exception that the fat is first destroyed by a laser beam directed through a fine laser emitting fiber passed through the skin. The fat cells and oil are then suctioned out with the same cannulas one would use with traditional liposuction. I have used SmartLipo since 2010.

SAFELipo® is a very different technique developed by Dr. Simeon Wall, Jr. in Shreveport, Louisiana several years ago. Amazed by the surgical results Dr. Wall was presenting at our Plastic Surgery conferences, I traveled to Shreveport as Dr. Wall’s guest to learn the nuances of this exciting new technique. I now use the SAFELipo® technique every day. SAFELipo® uses specialized liposuction cannulas that safely, thoroughly and effectively “release” fat from surrounding tissue without even turning the suction on. There is no excess energy source (suction or laser energy) used in the release process making it a more gentle procedure. Once the fat has been “released” these loose fat cells are suctioned away. The final process, again without energy or suction, uses the cannulas to gently redistribute the remaining fat cells leaving a fine carpet of cells to prevent scarring (the major drawback to SmartLipo).

I am ecstatic and honored to be an early adopter of this amazing technique. I have found SAFELipo® to be more effective and safer with results that far exceed traditional liposuction.

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