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Breast Implants Choosing the Correct Size

How can I be sure my breast implants will be the right size for me or for what I want to achieve?Studies show that surgery to change implant size is the most common reason for re-operation. So, your question is a good one. As is usually the case, there are many factors that come into play here. This is why in my Cosmetic Plastic Surgery practice I see every patient and perform a thorough examination and discuss your individual needs and options with you. Here are a few things to think about.

Generally, if re-operation is necessary, it will be to place larger implants. It seems that once you are comfortable with the size you chose, after a few months, your next thought is, “But this bathing suit would look even better on me if I were larger.” Sometimes, it goes the other way. You find that clothes do not fit as well with large breasts or that you feel you look “fat.”

Implants larger than 350cc or so, can place a lot of stress on your tissues. This can cause the implant to bottom out and drop a bit. It can also thin out your existing breast tissue due to the implant compressing your tissue over time. Large and heavy implants can also stretch out your skin over time which can be very difficult to correct. Of course, the effect on your breasts will vary greatly depending on the quality of your tissue and skin. I will help you determine the best and “safest” implant size for your body.

I believe one of the goals of breast surgery is to create a beautifully proportioned body. You will always look normal and can always find clothes that fit. Many of my patients are so happy that they can now “shop off the shelf.” Everything seems to fit and look good. You do not look top heavy or “fat.”

On the other hand, some women want to look disproportionately large on top. We can do that too, but I need to discuss with you the issues that I raised earlier related to the weight or width of the implant affecting your tissues over time.

One very helpful practice I have found to assist you with choosing the correct size implant is to allow you a chance to try actual implants on when you come in for your consultation. I can’t think of a better way for you to assess the effect different size breast implants will have on your overall appearance. It is quick and easy and always provides me with a range of implant sizes that I will be working with at the time of surgery. Frequently, I will actually try more than one size during surgery to make sure we choose the best one for you, always staying in the range you had decided beforehand.

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