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Breast Lift Photos – Before & After

David E Marcus, MD performs many breast related procedures each year. This is an area of specialization for Dr. Marcus. Breast lifts are a specific procedure performed for women who like the size of their breast, do not want to be any larger or smaller, and yet want them lifted. These patients often feel matronly and not sexy. They are often embarrassed just taking their bra off and feel they have to always hike the bra straps up to keep their breast up. It is hard to wear swimwear as the loose skin tends to bunch up and straps are not strong enough to hold them up. This is a relatively simple procedure to recover from as the discomfort tends to be very minimal. Women are usually back to activities in four days or so. If you are interested in lifting the breast, and also having more upper pole fullness, an implant is usually necessary. See: breast augmentation/lift.

Breast Lift Patient – Sebastopol

This is a 44 year old Sebastopol mother of two who liked her size, just not the appearance. We performed a lift procedure in our private in-office Cosmetic Surgery suite. Good skin quality provided for a good long term result. Also, as usual, scarring is minimal.

Procedure Details

Breast Lift Patient – Santa Rosa

Many of our Breast Lift patients, such as this 34 year old Santa Rosa woman lost the height of her breast tissue following breast feeding her two children. Happy with her 34C size, we simply lifted the nipple area and tightened the skin envelope providing a pleasing new shape. Notice how nicely the scars have healed.

Procedure Details

Breast Reduction & Lift Patient – Sonoma County

Patient is a 52 year old woman who presented with complaints related to her large and heavy breasts. She wore a 36DD bra and felt she looked matronly. In our private certified surgical suite, we performed a superior pedicle breast reduction and lift. Our patient is very happy with the slightly smaller size and firmer look and feel.

Procedure Details

Lift & Reduction Patient – Marin County

This is a 34 year old mother of one from Marin County presented to the Santa Rosa Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center to reduce the size of her breasts. She has always felt the size of her breasts made her look heavy in clothing. Following her pregnancy, the breasts started to sag. She is 5′ 4″ and 130 lbs. The vertical Breast Reduction and lift healed very nicely and produced a pleasing post- operative result. Full nipple sensation was retained and the patient is very pleased with the result.

Procedure Details

Lift & Reduction Patient – Healdsburg

Breast reduction and breast lift. This 39 year old Healdsburg woman underwent a breast reduction and lift on an outpatient basis. As with many women large breasts seem to make the patient appear heavy. The breast reduction reduced her D cup to a C cup and restored a more youthful and better proportioned appearance.

Procedure Details