KYBELLA® is an injectable treatment that has recently been approved by the FDA to dissolve fat beneath the chin. The submental region can develop excess fat due to aging, genetics, or weight fluctuations, and many people are bothered by its appearance. Treatment with KYBELLA® can permanently eliminate a double chin and may soon become available for fat pockets elsewhere on the body.

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Dr. David E. Marcus combines his technical skills with an artistic approach, producing results completely customized according to the needs, goals, and body type of the patient.

Thinking About KYBELLA®?


Some areas of the body will lose or gain fat periodically as body weight fluctuates. However, the area beneath the chin is less responsive to traditional weight-loss methods, and a double chin may persist despite even significant weight loss. Treatment with KYBELLA® can permanently remove fat from this area so that even if future weight gain should occur, the area beneath your chin will remain slim.


Diet, exercise, and other popular methods of whittling away body fat unfortunately cannot target the neck and chin area. For persistent fat in these areas, KYBELLA® is a minimally invasive treatment that produces permanent results. KYBELLA® can successfully eliminate unwanted fat from beneath the chin and create a more slender neckline.


The face and neck area attract a lot of attention. Consequently, if these areas are not aesthetically pleasing, they can affect your entire appearance. For example, if you are at a healthy body weight but you have a double chin, others may perceive you as overweight. On the other hand, if you are somewhat overweight but you have a slender neckline, others may perceive you as thinner overall. KYBELLA® can permanently remove a double chin and improve your overall appearance.


Many people with a double chin suffer from poor self-confidence. KYBELLA® may improve your self-image by eliminating submental fullness so that you look more attractive and trim. Treatment with KYBELLA® can enhance your image and your confidence.

Your KYBELLA® Treatment

Dr. Marcus or our aesthetic nurse practitioner, Nancy Honsa, will evaluate your goals, your health, and your neck area to determine if KYBELLA® is the appropriate procedure for your needs.
  • Your treatment will be performed in office and will take approximately 20 minutes.
  • Dr. Marcus or Nancy Honsa, NP, will strategically administer two vials of KYBELLA® into the area beneath your chin. As with any injectable, it may hurt a little at the injection site.
  • After treatment, you can return to normal daily activities.
  • The KYBELLA® injections leave deoxycholic acid in the region beneath your chin. After injection, this substance will immediately begin to attack and break down the fat cells.
  • Over the following six to eight weeks, the body will flush out the destroyed fat cells.
  • The deoxycholic acid will remain in the submental region and will break down any new fat cells that develop.
  • About 50 percent of patients will need only one treatment. Other patients may need to undergo between two and four treatment sessions to achieve their desired results.
  • Any repeat treatments are spaced at least four weeks apart.
  • Patients may need up to six treatments with KYBELLA® to permanently eliminate submental fullness.
Your KYBELLA® Treatment

After Your Treatment

There should be no downtime after your KYBELLA® treatment. Patients should expect the following in terms of recovery and results.

Immediately After

You may experience temporary swelling, redness, numbness, and minor discomfort. You should be able to return to normal activities but may wish to consider your work commitments and social plans before scheduling your treatment. Cold packs can be used to minimize swelling.

1 Week After

Any swelling or bruising should be gone or mostly gone, but numbness may persist for a few more weeks. Results will not yet be visible, but your neckline will gradually become slimmer over the following weeks.

4 Weeks After

Any numbness should subside by this time. You will be able to see a gradual yet striking reduction of submental fullness beneath your chin. If you need more than one treatment, you will receive your repeat treatment around this time.

6 to 8 Weeks After

Results will continue to improve and will reveal a permanently slimmer, more defined neckline.

Frequently Asked Questions

Kybella® contains a naturally occurring molecule that dissolves fat, essentially causing the fat cells to burst while leaving all the other cells around it intact. Your body then flushes out these fat cells.

During the 20 minute treatment, Dr. Marcus will inject 2 vials of Kybella® into the submental area. As with any injectable, it might hurt a little at the injection site.

There is no need to alter your normal activities after treatment. The area may be red and there may be some swelling or bruising a few days post-treatment, and there’s also a chance the area will feel numb for up to a month.

Final results typically appear within 1-2 months. The fat slowly melts away, and the process of the body cleaning up the fat also adds collagen, which helps tighten up the skin where you’ve melted the fat. Depending on your personal goals, you may need to repeat the Kybella® treatments 2-3 times at 4-6 week intervals for the best results.

The fat cells that are destroyed by the Kybella® don’t come back. However, while the results of Kybella® treatments are permanent, it may take several treatments to get the desired results.

Getting rid of the excess fat under your chin can give you more angularity in your jawline, which really impacts the way your face is perceived. If you want to improve the definition in your jawline and you don’t need or want to undergo liposuction surgery for neck, Kybella® can give you a pretty result.

The best Kybella® candidates are men and women who have good skin quality and a distinct appearance of fatty tissue under their chin/neck. Patients with moderate to extreme laxity and sagging in the neck area are not good candidates for Kybella®; a surgical neck lift may be a better option for these patients.

If you’re interested in finding out whether Kybella® is right for you, call us today to schedule a consultation. During your consultation, Dr. Marcus will determine whether you are a good candidate and recommend the most effective treatment plan to meet your goals.

$700 per vial for the first Kybella® treatment (2 vials needed per treatment). The cost per vial is reduced to $600/vial for patients who need a second Kybella® treatment, which is necessary for about 1 out of 2 patients.

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